The company OCEOMIC validates an autonomous profiling system at PLOCAN

The technology-based company Oceomic Marine Bio and Technology S.L. (OCEOMIC) has successfully completed at PLOCAN’s Test Site the validation test of its new oceanographic device APNEA (Autonomous Profiling Expandable Sampler), an autonomous profiling system designed for the collection of seawater samples.

This system developed by OCEOMIC represents a significant technological evolution from the concept of rosette water sampler, traditionally operated from oceanographic vessels through a winch system holding an electromechanical cable for clamping and communication functions between the device and the surface operator.

APNEA, with its own propulsion system, is able to profile the water column in “free flight” mode without the need to be connected to a cable or a winch for the lowering or turning manoeuvre. Furthermore, it allows controlled dives to gather data and / or water samples down to depths of 200 m.

The set is made up of a main body hull, which houses the electronic control, propulsion, telemetry and batteries unit; a payload-sensor module (pressure and temperature, so far); a water sampling module (rosette-bottles) and a telemetry system (Wi-Fi® / GPS). The profiler programming is conducted via graphic interface through portable devices.

PLOCAN, in addition to being the test site where the technology has been validated, will own an APNEA unit for its use and exploitation, which will increase the marine monitoring capacities in the different nodes of the PLOCAN Integrated Observatory, as well as the provision of services offered by the Infrastructure.

Video summary of the tests conducted.


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