Offshore Ocean Platform

Multidisciplinary laboratories

We build, equip and operate this multidisciplinary laboratory facility with all the necessary equipment to analyse and protect the seabed.

This installation is located on the seabed, at a depth of 30m, and 1.5km off the coast in the NE of the island of Gran Canaria. It contains multidisciplinary laboratories for the analysis of bio-geochemical variables in the water column, a main deck area and hangar with equipment for loading and unloading operations of materials available for experimental trials, as well as other general use facilities such as workshops, cranes, gantries and other equipment to provide basic support to the operation.

It has a maximum capacity of 40 people, and has an autonomy of 15 days for 15 people. For this purpose, it has meeting rooms, classrooms, dining room, kitchen and rest rooms. It also offers spaces in its own structure to house various observation and measurement devices (e.g. corrosion, solar,…).

Main features

  • Autonomy of 15 days/15 persons.
  • Capacity max. 40 people.
  • 6x6x10 m test tank.
  • Telescopic crane with a capacity of 500 kg at 5 m.
  • Marine crane of 20 Tn load capacity at 9 m.
  • Gantry crane with a load capacity of 4 tons – Submarine cables.
  • Submarine communication cables.
  • Onshore and subsea electrical transformer station.
  • Connection to the electricity transmission grid.
  • Monitoring system

Main facilities of the Platform

  • Two floating docks of dimensions 3.0 x 6.7 m. in the southern corner of the structure.
  • Personnel transfer basket (by crane) capable of carrying up to four standing passengers or 2 persons plus stretcher (Maximum gross weight: 800kg).
  • Telescopic crane with 17,70 m.
  • Wastewater treatment plant: 2 greywater treatment plants (for recycling 3,500 l/d) and sewage water (about 94% reduction in BOD, 93% in SS and 80% in CDO).
  • 3×11 m3 tanks obtaining seawater from different depths and 2×16 m3 tanks, one with seawater that will undergo a desalination process and pass to the other where fresh water is accumulated, desalination system with a capacity of 16 m3 / d, fresh water tank, hand tools and other small equipment, two pallet trucks with a maximum load capacity of 2.5tn.
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