Hosting service

Hosting service

Testing capabilities are offered, at various scales, for experimental fixed and floating devices, special structures, testing of components in the marine environment, operational performance testing of marine technologies, optimisation of equipment at sea and, in general, any testing of experimental technologies, concepts or services in the marine environment.

Hosting of surface/subsurface devices in the above defined facilities

Testing (corrosion, vibrations, sensorics, etc.), the capacity being limited to the useful surface of the requested installation/equipment.

There is the possibility of installing sensors, mooring lines and other scientific-technical devices in addition to the facilities offered. Service on demand and after study of the request.

Trials/tests can be carried out in three modes:

  • Remote: the experiment is carried out by PLOCAN technical staff and the user’s presence is not required.
  • Partially remote: the user accesses at some points during the experiment.
  • In situ: the user is present throughout the experiment.

Hosting of devices on the test bed

Access requests will be handled competitively through the MARHIS website:

  • Off-grid: Enabling research and development of renewable energy related devices, as well as other offshore technologies (e.g. installation of aquaculture devices, wind and wave systems, launching of devices at sea, anchoring of observation devices, etc.). Capacity is limited to the area and depth available within the reserve area managed by PLOCAN.
  • Grid-connected: Enabling research and development of devices related to renewable energies, as well as other offshore technologies, through possible connections to electrical and communications infrastructure (REDSUB). Two 5 MW/13.2Kv connections are available.

This service is mainly offered at the Test Bed and is subject to a fee. However, hosting may be requested in all the facilities described above.

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