Onshore Headquarters

Workshops equipped for electronics and mechanical integration, repair, warehousing and logistics

The onshore site includes 400 m2 of workshops equipped for electronics and mechanical integration, repair, storage and logistics; laboratories, including a wet laboratory with a salt water tank, a control room for piloting marine vehicles and related subjects, as well as spaces to support scientific activity.

  • Chemical laboratories: With equipment to analyse oceanographic samples of oxygen, nutrients, chlorophyll, salinity, etc., and with spaces for courses. It has freezers for storing samples at -20ºC and -60ºC.
  • Laboratories (dry and wet): Preparation, maintenance and preliminary testing of gliders, ROVs and ASVs; workshops; dedicated control room for testing, trials and repairs.
  • Operational room: For real-time monitoring and control of operations through the visualisation of images and data generated by the platforms and devices. Also available for highly specialised training courses.
  • CDTIC – ICT Demonstration Centre: It has desktop and laptop computers, demonstration room with projection equipment, satellite communications system, radio, work room with digital whiteboard and projector with connection to servers for demonstrations, among others.
  • Technical ship: Preparation, adaptation and preliminary tests of different elements for testing and taking measurements at sea (e.g. marine renewables, meteo-oceanographic buoys, sensors, moorings, etc.). Also available for training courses.
  • Jetty and access to confined waters in the port of Taliarte: Jetty of 60 metres (L) x 4 metres (W). and confined waters for the testing of unique scientific-technical elements, of elements prior to their installation in the open sea or of those that are not yet sufficiently developed to do so.
  • Vessels: Two vessels are available to provide logistical support to operations at sea:

PLOCAN 1 – 12m fibreglass boat for 12 persons. Maximum speed: 45 knots.

PLOCAN 2 – 5m semi-rigid boat for 5 persons. Maximum speed: 40 knots.

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