Data service

Valuable oceanographic data

It consists of providing the data acquired by a group of Lagrangian observation systems, mainly based on autonomous marine vehicles and drifter buoys, which carry out seasonal missions aimed at connecting coastal and oceanic waters and observing the Atlantic and obtaining from them oceanographic data of value to the marine environment.

On-demand access to specific data

In addition, users can request, on demand, specific data or information that can be obtained through the ICTS resources in the field of the ocean observatory (coastal and deep ocean). Specific and concrete requests for studies and data from equipment available at the PLOCAN facilities described above will be answered.

Data capture can be carried out in three modes:

  • Remote: the experiment is carried out by PLOCAN technical staff and the user’s presence is not required.
  • Partially remote: the user accesses at some points during the experiment.
  • In situ: The user is present throughout the experiment.

Open access to meteo-oceanographic data

PLOCAN’s observational capabilities provide a range of data routinely obtained through its facilities and equipment. These data are openly available to users and can be accessed through the PLOCAN website. This service is free of charge.

The PLOCAN website provides users with open data from the different oceanographic data portals that work from the infrastructure:

Data visualisation portals:

Access data visualisation portals where you can access real-time or historical data.

Data download portals:

Access the catalogue where you can find standardised files (netCDF type) of the different observation platforms.

This service is mainly offered at the Observatory. However, data may be requested at all the facilities described above.

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