PLOCAN, practicing the ocean we want to have

PLOCAN develops a living-lab which addresses the challenges for restoring the health of our oceans through a new relationship with the environment based on effective protection and sustainable use, in line with the goals of the decade of the oceans and the sustainable development goals of the UN 2030. It is a unique research infrastructure within the marine science and technology sector, located north of Gran Canaria, which includes a Test Site that covers 23 square kilometres, ideal for observing, restoring and practicing the ocean that we want to have. Science is addressed, but also social involvement, dissemination, awareness and the search for solutions and the mitigation of anthropogenic impacts.

PLOCAN is presented as a place to experiment, learn new ways and references for a new relationship with the ocean, which is focused on its protection, the use of its resources in a sustainable way and the recovery of its biodiversity. It is a place for awareness and action, where science and technology excellence are promoted to develop and validate new models in order to mitigate climate change, based on the energy transition and the conservation of the marine environmental quality.

Through this new video, PLOCAN conveys its vision, which highlights the importance of going beyond the conservation of our oceans, to unite to recover, repair and learn about an ocean which generates equitable prosperity, which offers renewable resources and solutions based on natural processes to successfully overcome the greatest challenges that humanity has faced. The video highlights the importance of generating scientific evidence and digital models that allow knowledge-based decision making.


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