PLOCAN grants access to its marine test site to Subsea Mechatronics

As part of the ProtoAtlantic project, PLOCAN has granted Subsea Mechatronics access to its marine test site. Subsea Mechatronics is a Canary Islands-based SME that designs, manufactures, and operates remote sensing platforms for both fixed (IoT) and mobile (ROVs) industries.

Subsea Mechatronics has accessed PLOCAN’s marine test site on two occasions. The first was to validate their ROV platform powered by a surface-supplied power unit, and the second was to perform a proof of concept for a 3D reconstruction tool using stereovision.

Thanks to these accesses to PLOCAN’s test site, Subsea Mechatronics has been able to validate their technological developments in a real environment, increasing their operational knowledge as well as the technology readiness level (TRL) of their solutions.

The principle aim of ProtoAtlantic is to develop and validate a model for the prototyping and exploitation of innovative ideas in the maritime sector in the Atlantic Area. The project focuses on three sectors: renewable energy, marine robotics and blue biotechnology.

The consortium is composed of eight partners: Innovalia, INESC-TEC, Cork County Council, UCC, Emerge Association, EMEC, Technopôle Brest Iroise and PLOCAN.

Name of the project: ProtoAtlantic

Program: Interreg Atlantic Area

Total funding: 2,395,269.95€

PLOCAN’s funding: 48,750.00 €

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