Marine Power Systems, focused on offshore wind, interested in demonstrating its pre-commercial prototypes in the future potential test site south of PLOCAN

The British marine renewable energy development firm Marine Power Systems has selected the possible future southern test site of the Canary Islands Oceanic Platform, in the southeast of the island, to test its flexible offshore floating wind prototype, PelaFlex.

The director of PLOCAN, José Joaquín Hernández Brito, and Gareth Stockman, representing Marine Power Systems have signed a memorandum of understanding through which they agree on the collaboration between the Singular Scientific Technical Infrastructure (ICTS) and the marine renewable technologies company, in order to materialize the demonstration of Marine Power Systems prototypes in the potential southern test bench of PLOCAN, in the area specified as having high potential for R+D in the Marine Spatial Management Plans (POEM).

The memorandum sets out the long-term collaboration on the procedure for access to the southern test site, the provision of pre-authorised and grid-connected space to test new floating offshore wind technologies, the provision of data from the observation infrastructure, operational services and prototype hosting.

Marine Power Systems wants to test its flexible floating platform technology, PelaFlex, in the waters of the possible future PLOCAN southern test site. According to the developer, its flexible floating platform technology, PelaFlex, is on track to support a rapid deployment of floating offshore wind on an industrial scale, while maximizing local sourcing by using the existing supply chain.

The proposed solution, according to MPS, involves “high system stability, low total mass and zero inclination”, which maximize energy efficiency, allow easy installation with standard vessels and increase weather windows for operation and maintenance.

Multiple launch options enable a distributed port model for faster deployment and reduce the need for specific port requirements.

Joaquín Hernández Brito, CEO of PLOCAN commented: “at PLOCAN we are delighted to collaborate with Marine Power Systems, exploring the possibilities that PLOCAN’s long-awaited South test site in the southeast of Gran Canaria can provide to the demonstration of its technology. PLOCAN is firmly committed to supporting developers on their way to commercializing effective and responsible technologies for the exploitation of renewable energies”.

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