Wavepiston successfully installs its wave energy device at the PLOCAN test site

Wavepiston, a Danish company specialised in wave energy technology, has achieved a significant milestone by successfully installing its first full-scale energy collector on the string installed at the PLOCAN test site.

This installation marks an important step for Wavepiston to become one of the full-scale wave energy demonstrators in operation. The device will allow the company to demonstrate the potential of its technology on a global scale.

The system under test consists of wave collectors strung between two buoys anchored to the seabed. The collector plates move with the passing waves, pumping pressurised water into a pipeline that terminates in a turbine or reverse osmosis system for energy or desalinated water. The main characteristics of this technology are its flexible, robust and lightweight structure, its modular design and its minimal impact on the marine environment.

PLOCAN’s strategic location in the Canary Islands offers optimal conditions for testing wave energy devices and gives Wavepiston the opportunity to demonstrate the efficiency and feasibility of its technology in a real environment.

With this installation Wavepiston will be able to collect data and conduct tests in real conditions, which will provide valuable information for future developments and projects in the wave energy sector. This pioneering facility further strengthens its position as a leading player in the development and implementation of wave-based energy solutions.

Additional device information on the Wavepiston website

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