Technologists from PLOCAN undergo training on the Zooplankton sensor UVP6 and the ECOTAXA oceanic research application

Technologists from PLOCAN have recently undergone specialized training focused on the advanced zooplankton sensor UVP6 and the ECOTAXA oceanic research application. These instruments are crucial for marine research and understanding biological processes in the ocean.

The training aimed to deepen the understanding and proficiency of PLOCAN’s technical team in handling cutting-edge technologies for zooplankton study, a vital component of the marine ecosystem.

The UVP6 sensor (Underwater Vision Profiler 6) stands out for its ability to capture high-resolution images of zooplankton in their natural environment. The ECOTAXA application is a platform specialized in the automated analysis of zooplankton images, facilitating the efficient identification and quantification of zooplankton species, significantly speeding up the data analysis process and improving result accuracy.

Understanding and closely monitoring zooplankton are essential for comprehending the health and dynamics of oceans. This training will enable the team to fully harness the potential of the UVP6 sensor and ECOTAXA application, contributing to excellence in oceanographic observation.

With this investment in training and state-of-the-art technology, PLOCAN reinforces its commitment to oceanic research and solidifies its position at the forefront of exploring and understanding the oceans.

Project name: Marine forest coastal restoration: an underwater gardening socio-ecological plan
Project acronym: OCEAN CITIZEN
Project: 101093910 — OCEAN CITIZEN — HORIZON-MISS-2021-OCEAN-02

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