Presentation on PLOCAN at the Portugal e o Mar Conference organised by Ordem dos Engenheiros

PLOCAN participated in the Portugal e o Mar Conference, organised by the Ordem dos Engenheiros at the Madeira Congress Centre, with the aim of highlighting the role of engineering in the ocean, emphasising the role of maritime transport, ports, and energy, without forgetting conservation, knowledge and adaptation to climate change, and the great contribution of blue engineering as a driving force for all economic activities related to the sea.

Within this framework, PLOCAN participated with a presentation titled “PLOCAN – Pioneering innovative engineering and expanding frontiers in the sustainable blue economy – A voyage to the sea of discoveries”. The conference was attended by various personalities from the maritime and port sector, as well as representatives of governmental entities, companies and associations linked to the blue economy.

PLOCAN’s Innovation Manager, África Marrero, represented PLOCAN, and in her presentation, she stressed the vital role that the blue economy, and its development respecting the sustainable exploitation of ocean resources, has for the Canary Islands. PLOCAN predicted that this economy is expected to experience accelerated growth in the coming years in its more than ten sectors (fishing, maritime transport, port, aquaculture, cruises, marine renewable energies…), and emphasised PLOCAN’s intention to position itself at the forefront of this development.

The PLOCAN representative also highlighted that, in addition to the work on floating wind energy, PLOCAN is attracting European funds to the Canary Islands that will enable the blue economy sectors in the Canary Islands to be boosted. The securing of these funds will serve to create an innovation ecosystem, attracting talent and investment to the region, which will result in the proliferation of green employment niches, providing sustainable job opportunities for the inhabitants of the islands.

The Innovation Manager also highlighted PLOCAN’s commitment to the health of the oceans, and the need to raise awareness in society about their importance and about economic development based on sustainable business models. The manager indicated that ocean observation and its constant monitoring are vital for this, areas where PLOCAN also focuses its activity. The central message of the manager’s presentation was PLOCAN’s firm commitment to being a catalyst for growth and sustainability in the Canary Islands. Through innovation in floating wind energy, attracting European funds and creating green jobs, PLOCAN is helping the Canary Islands lead the way towards a prosperous and sustainable blue economy.

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