PLOCAN joins the Marine Autonomy and Technology Showcase – MATS 2023

The headquarters of the National Oceanographic Center of the United Kingdom (NOC) in Southampton, hosts a new edition of the technology forum on Marine Autonomy Systems (MATS 2023) that brings together leading manufacturers and operators in this sector representing the developing industry, service providers, academia, research, government agencies and regulatory entities of these cutting-edge marine observing systems.

The main goal of the event is to showcase both new developments in autonomous marine systems, vehicles and platforms at international level, as well as their associated capacities to undertake different operations in the marine environment, both coastal and open-ocean, in a more efficient, safe and sustainable way, in response to the wide needs required by operators, users and general society.

This 2023 edition has been organized into five sessions addressing topics as diverse and relevant as sustainability and “NetZero Emissions” capacity, new users and applications, data gathering and generation of valuable information, planning and control of operations, new technologies and support tools to autonomous marine systems (including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc.), regulatory framework for operation, etc.

PLOCAN contributes to the forum showcasing its capabilities as a service infrastructure related to these autonomous technologies, highlighting its participation in European projects such as GROOM II, EuroSea, TechOceans, Mission Atlantic or iFADO, as well as benchmark training programs such as Glider School and collaborative initiatives with leading companies such as AutoNaut, Saildrone, Kongsberg, Teledyne, Alseamar, among others.

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