PLOCAN is featured in a new episode of the EURONEWS OCEANS programme

The Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands (PLOCAN) is featured in the latest episode of the leading Euronews news programme “Oceans”. The report, premiered on 30th January and available on the EuroNews website in eight languages, explores the potential of ocean energy in Europe and showcases various projects in countries such as Spain, France, Portugal and Denmark, focusing in particular on wave and tidal energy in Europe.

It shows PLOCAN’s facilities, and specifically the Oceanic Platform, highlighting its role as a key asset for blue R&D&I in the Canary Islands and in the European Union’s decarbonisation roadmap. The facilities and services offered by PLOCAN for testing in the ocean are essential for leading companies such as Wavepiston to perfect their designs.

The Danish company Wavepiston is currently testing its wave power generation prototype at the PLOCAN Test Site, and there it has all the necessary facilities through the Ocean Platform to accurately monitor the performance of these innovative technologies in real ocean conditions. Michael Henriksen, CEO of Wavepiston, is interviewed and explains that PLOCAN provides them with an ideal location to test their wave technology in real conditions, prior to commercialisation.

The report contributes to raising awareness of PLOCAN’s work beyond Spain, positioning it as a leader in the marine renewable energy sector at European and international level and shows the international recognition of PLOCAN as a leading centre in the research and development of marine renewable energies, a key strategic line for the sustainable energy future of the Canary Islands, Spain and Europe.

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