PLOCAN at the annual meeting of the National Network of Knowledge Spaces of the General Secretariat of Fisheries

PLOCAN participated in the annual meeting of the National Network of Knowledge Spaces of the General Secretary of Fisheries in representation of the regional space of the Canary Islands with two outstanding projects: Bluefishing Training and Platicas.

The Spanish Network of Knowledge Spaces (REEC) has become an essential instrument to promote learning and interaction between the stakeholders involved in blue growth. These knowledge spaces act as real catalysts for progress towards a more sustainable blue economy based on the fishing sector.

The event focused on the fundamental role that these spaces play in boosting the blue economy, encompassing not only extractive fishing but also aquaculture, marine and inland, as well as the processing and marketing of related products.

PLOCAN played an active role in two outstanding blue growth projects: Platicas and Bluefishing Training, which emerged thanks to the collaboration between various REEC members and have proven to be key pillars in the promotion of sustainable practices in the fishing industry and in the training of professionals in the field of the blue economy.

Platicas has focused on promoting communication and dialogue among stakeholders in the fishing sector, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. This approach has been essential to address common challenges and work towards the sustainability of fishing activities in the region.

On the other hand, Bluefishing Training has contributed significantly to the training of experts and professionals in various aspects of the blue economy. This initiative has trained key people in the sustainable management of marine resources, aquaculture, and the commercialization of marine products.

An important chapter of the meeting was the discussion on the future of the Spanish Network of Knowledge Spaces and the lines of research to be pursued in future projects. The consensus focused on the importance of continuing to work together to promote sustainable practices in the field of the blue economy and the need to adapt to the changing challenges of the sector.

The engagement of PLOCAN and other REEC members in the search for innovative and sustainable solutions for the development of the blue economy demonstrates the vital role that these knowledge spaces play in the transformation of the fisheries and marine sector. Collaboration and cooperation will continue to be key to achieving a brighter future in the waters of the Canary Islands and throughout Spain.

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