PLOCAN at the Annual General Assembly of the European Ocean Observing System, EuroGOOS

The European Ocean Observing System EuroGOOS, an association of national government agencies, research institutions and private companies committed to oceanography in the context of the Global Intergovernmental Ocean Observing System (GOOS), has held its annual general assembly of members, which has taken place at the headquarters of the Hydrographic Institute of Portugal in Lisbon.

EuroGOOS responds to the European delegation of the Global Ocean Observing System of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) under the auspices of UNESCO, and which currently chairs the GOOS Regional Alliances Forum.

The event brought together delegates representing the set of member institutions, together with the leaders of working groups and task teams, among the regional ocean observing systems that they comprise, all under the coordination of the EuroGOOS board.

In addition to the institutional delegate’s representation, PLOCAN’s contribution to the assembly has consisted on the presentation of the annual balance of activity of all the forty European ocean-gliders and USV operators, taking into account its current coordinator role of the corresponding working group (EuroGOOS Glider Task Team).

The different sessions of the work agenda enabled to address tasks of different kinds, highlighting the detailed review of progress in scientific-technical terms by the working groups, task teams and regional ocean observation systems; the nomination and approval of new members; the economic balances; training and dissemination actions; cooperation within the framework of European projects, the definition and implementation of future strategic lines, among others.

Founded in 1994, EuroGOOS currently consists of 46 member entities from 19 European countries that provide operational oceanographic services and conduct ocean research with the latest technology. EuroGOOS is registered as an international non-profit association under Belgian law and has its headquarters in Brussels. The objectives of EuroGOOS focus on identifying strategies, cooperating, co-producing and promoting the value of operational oceanography for society through the EOOS (European Ocean Observing System) framework strategy. Together through EuroGOOS, its members and partners improve European capacity and competitiveness at a global level in the various sectors related to ocean observing.

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