Meeting at the Port Authority of Vigo of the partners of the European Bluefishing Training project on the competitiveness of extractive fishing.

BLUEFISHING TRAINING is a project funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEu with 279.669,49€ through the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and is constituted by five partners at national level: Port Authority of Vigo, Vigo Shipowners Cooperative, ICSEM, University of Vigo and PLOCAN.

This project aims to promote innovative approaches to strengthen sectorial cooperation between the Atlantic extractive fishing industry and the scientific community, strengthening the transfer of experiences and knowledge in training, research and innovation to reinforce competitiveness and improve the professionalization of the extractive fishing sector.

During the last week, we held a new meeting of the working team at the Port Authority of Vigo, where we defined the methodology of the first activity of the project: to develop a diagnostic analysis of the situation of the extractive fishing sector of inshore and offshore and port marketing and logistics, in terms of detecting training needs according to the current labor market and prospects.

After this first phase, an Action Plan for the professionalization of the sector will be carried out, integrating the state of the art of the maritime training itineraries of the three target sub-sectors (current offer and proposed training itineraries), which will be analyzed according to the main labor demands.

The sectoral cooperation plan on skills will be articulated through the implementation and evaluation of three training programs for each target sector (inshore fishing, offshore fishing and port marketing and logistics). Twelve specific courses will be implemented that will include virtual and face-to-face programs combining theoretical and practical sessions applying innovative training practices with workshops, seminars, case studies, experimentation and field visits.

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