Industrialists and businessmen of Gran Canaria address collaboration in renewables with PLOCAN

Representatives and businessmen of industrial parks of Gran Canaria have visited the Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands to address the synergies that can be established between the industrial parks of the island and the ICTS in relation to the renewable energy sector.

During the meeting, the implementation of the ‘El Goro Eco-Industrial Park (Solar Industrial Community SEVI – Infinite Green Energy Server- El Goro)’ project, which has been presented by the electricity company Canaluz, has been used as an example.

The CEO of PLOCAN, José Joaquín Hernández Brito, presented the activities and projects of the ICTS (Unique Scientific and Technical Infrastructure) to the representatives and businessmen and he highlighted the importance of developing synergies with the business fabric to promote the Canary Islands to lead initiatives related to renewable energies, and to ensure that the benefits revert to the society of the Canary Islands through job and wealth creation.

Lorenzo Muñoz, CEO of Canaluz, presented the ‘El Goro Eco-Industrial Park’ preliminary project whose objective is to create an Eco-Industrial harmonization of the El Goro Industrial Park in Telde, generating a biodiverse environment according to the European Union’s strategy to fight against climate change, and achieving its conversion into an Infinite Green Energy Server (SEVI), providing its own 120 MW green storage system that will act both as a renewable energy storage and as an aggregator of the general electricity demand, being adaptable to other industrial parks of the island.

Furthermore, the director showed the representatives and the businessmen the onshore facilities, including the glider laboratory where they were informed about the activities developed, the different technologies, the sensor technology, the missions of the vehicles and the projects that are being executed in this area.

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