ACIISI’s director participates in “The Circularity of the Blue Economy in Macaronesia” meeting taken place in La Palma

The director of the Investigation, Innovation and Information Society Canarian Agency (ACIISI), Carlos Navarro, opened “The Circularity of the Blue Economy in Macaronesia: successful projects and economic diversification opportunities for the outermost regions” meeting organized by ACIISI and PLOCAN in La Palma.

The two-day event gave space for successful cases and projects on circular and blue economy (aquaculture, biotechnology, desalination, renewable resources, etc.) and discussing the financing opportunities for the EU outermost regions within the new operational program of the European project Forward (Fostering research excellence in EU Outermost Regions).

This project, with PLOCAN as an associate, is co-funded by the European Commission and aims to improve investigation excellence and the potential for innovation in the outermost regions in order to boost their participation in research and innovation projects funded by the EU and consequently ensure territorial development.

The event held many participants, such as agents within the innovation ecosystem on circular and blue economy, and organizations working on transmitting the current success experiences or looking for funding to carry out their projects.

PLOCAN is also promoting the La Palma on Blue Economy Forum initiative by contributing with its marine and maritime work and encouraging other organizations to create joint efforts for the development of both blue and circular economy in La Palma.

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