Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster visits PLOCAN

Representatives from the Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster, together with thirteen companies an Innovation Norway visited the onshore headquarters of the Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands due to their interest on the development of the offshore wind in Gran Canaria.

The first offshore wind tender is expected early in 2023, once the Maritime Special Plannings are approved. Gran Canaria is the most promising site for this first tender, this is because the Norwegian delegation was keen to learn the Canarian capacities and the available infrastructures to tackle the deployment of the offshore wind in the Canarian waters.

PLOCAN has signed agreements with many institutions and research centres in Norway, in particular the Norwegian Marine Energy Test Centre (METCentre) for the development of the offshore wind industry after decades of experience in the offshore sector.

METCentre and PLOCAN have agreed to work on the field of the offshore wind energy in their countries, as well as to look for areas of strategic benefit for both Norway and Spain and their supply chains when the opportunity arises; and to perform mutual benefit activities for both and for the industrial relevant key players from Spain and Norway.

METCentre is part of the Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster, and PLOCAN is part of the Canarian Maritime Cluster (CMC), which boosts the development and international competitiveness of the maritime sector of Canaries, through the integration, creation, strengthening and sustainability in the companies and players who are part of the supply chain of the maritime sector, promoting its international presence and improving its level of technology and innovation. Actually CMC has 76 members, 58 of them are enterprises.

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