Renewal of PLOCAN as Unit of Scientific Culture and Innovation

The Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECyT) has renewed PLOCAN as Unit of Scientific Culture and Innovation.

PLOCAN is accredited as an UCC+i in two modalities. On one hand, it is acreedited as an UCC+i that communicates R+D+i results which encompass all activities associated with the dissemination of information and contents that meet certain newsworthiness criteria. Specifically, they have to be new and current, and they have to be directly associated with results obtained in the centres that the UCC+i belongs to. On the other hand, it is acreedited as an UCC+i that engages in general dissemination of scientific and technological know-how. Activities of disseminating scientific and technological know-how are understood to be all activities aimed at disseminating information and contents that, while not necessarily new or current, do help to raise the level of grass-roots scientific and technological culture.

The Units of Scientific Culture and Innovation (UCC+i) act as intermediaries between their host institutions and citizens, with the main aim of promoting scientific, technological and innovation culture though different types of activities: scientific communication, outreach, training, etc. They have become one of the main agents for the dissemination and sharing of science and innovation in Spain and are a key service for improving and increasing the scientific training, culture and knowledge of citizens.

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