‘Ocean energy in insular conditions’ Workshop

The role of ocean renewable energy as an alternative energy source for islands and remote coastal location will be discussed at a specific workshop in Hawaii on the 3rd of May.

This workshop will look at the opportunities and barriers to local adoption of ocean renewable energy in islands communities and remote costal locations of the Pacific Region, from the perspectives of various stakeholders and also possible solutions to address the challenges.

The event is organized by PLOCAN in collaboration with OES and supported by the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute and the U.S. Department of Energy and It will be held in Honolulu, Hawaii on May 3rd, 2019.

The objectives of the workshop are to discuss challenges and opportunities for ocean renewable energy as a clean alternative source of energy in insular conditions, to address achievements in the ocean renewable energy field and its applicability to insular conditions and to address the contribution and/or challenges of each stakeholder in making use of ocean energy renewable as alternative source of energy in islands and how can each stakeholder work together to address these challenges.

This is the third and final OES workshop on this topic with an international participation. The first one in 2017 was organized at the Nanyang Technological University with a focus on islands of the Asian Region and the second one was organized in France during the ICOE conference 2018, focusing in the Atlantic Region.

Ocean Energy Systems (OES), también conocido como el Programa de Colaboración Tecnológica sobre Sistemas de Energía Oceánica, es una colaboración intergubernamental entre países que opera bajo un marco establecido por la Agencia Internacional de Energía en París. En la actualidad, la OES tiene 25 países miembros con varios otros países observadores en proceso de adhesión.

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