PLOCAN joins the EXAIL- Maritime User Conference 2024

The headquarters of the French technology-based company EXAIL held a new edition of the Maritime Users Conference, an event on Marine Autonomous Systems (MAS), which brings together more than 150 leading users and operators in the sector representing the development and supplier industry, services, academia, research, government agencies and regulatory entities of these cutting-edge marine observation systems.

The event is mainly addressed to show both the new developments in marine autonomous systems, vehicles and platforms at global level, as well as the capabilities associated to them to undertake different operations in a more efficient, safe and sustainable way in the marine environment, both coastal and oceanic, in response to the diverse needs demanded by operators, users and society in general.

The 2024 edition is organized in four sessions (marine research, defense, marine energies, and hydrography) addressing topics as diverse and relevant as sustainability and “Zero Emissions” capacity, new users and applications, data management and generation of information. value, planning and control of operations, new technologies and tools to support marine autonomous systems (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc.), regulatory operating framework, etc.

PLOCAN contributes to this technology forum by showing its capabilities as a service infrastructure related to this type of autonomous technologies, highlighting its involvement in the European projects TechOceans, GROOM-II, EuroSea, Mission Atlantic, among others, as well as the reference training initiative Glider School, collaborations with leading companies in this industrial sector such as EXAIL, AutoNaut, Teledyne, ALSEAMAR, etc. and contributions to national and international working groups in this domain.

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