PLOCAN: Promotion and sustainable development of marine renewable energies

The Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands as Singular Scientific and Technical Infrastructure (ICTS), within its main objective of facilitating access and promoting the efficient use of the oceanic environment with the greatest environmental and sustainability guarantees, has as one of its main goals the promotion and development of marine renewable energies.

This new video offers a view of the potential of the test site, belonging to the distributed ICTS MARHIS (Maritime Aggregated Research Hydraulic Infrastructures) that aims to increase the competitiveness and efficiency of the Spanish ICTS in the field of marine hydraulic engineering (coastal , port and offshore) offering its infrastructures and associated technological services in a coordinated way.

The test site is a 23 km2 marine area located on the northeast coast of Gran Canaria where different marine technologies are tested under real and monitored conditions. It is equipped with an electrical and communications infrastructure that allows the evacuation of energy to the electricity transmission network.

PLOCAN is fully inserted in the Canary Islands Blue Economy Strategy which states that in the coming years renewable energies of marine origin will have an important development, and the Canary Islands and its productive fabric could be an important part of it, due to its capacities, environmental resources and existing conditions such as a test site in deep waters, companies and infrastructures such as ports that could position the island as a hub for the development of this type of energy in the mid and south Atlantic.

This Strategy indicates that this technological and industrial opportunity supposes betting in the medium and long term for the deployment of marine energy technologies as a potential for economic and business development for the island, facilitating the technological, regulatory, administrative and financial framework for this, together with the adaptation of the productive and technological fabric to the professional and service requirements for this type of industry.

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