PLOCAN joins Encuentro del Atlantico 2022

PLOCAN joined in the opening session of the first edition of the Encuentros del Atlántico initiative held in Santa Cruz de La Palma, promoted and coordinated by the Society for the Promotion and Economic Development of La Palma (SODEPAL) and the Department of Economic Promotion of the Cabildo de La Palma, with the talk “PLOCAN-Science and Technology driver for employment and sustainable economic activity in the marine environment”.

The Encuentros del Atlántico initiative aims to raise awareness of the importance of the sea in the economic and societal activity of the Canary Islands, and in particular for the island of La Palma, through a wide and varied program of educational, scientific and leisure-sports activities in partnership with local institutions and companies through the organization of seminars, workshops, scuba-diving experiences, kitesurfing, among others.

The PLOCAN’s head of unit for Autonomous Marine Vehicles, Carlos Barrera, showed the capabilities of PLOCAN as Unique Technical and Scientific Infrastructure (ICTS) to accelerate all the technologies and knowledge needed to double the growth of the Blue Economy in the current decade, contributing to the fulfillment of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the Ocean Decade 2030.

In addition, Barrera detailed the activities that PLOCAN currently carries out in La Palma to monitor the evolution of marine biodiversity in the lava-delta area and how to get the most from these works to support the creation of new employment and economic activity for the island recovery.

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