PLOCAN contributes to discussion panel of marine renewable energy experts in Chile

PLOCAN CEO, José Joaquín Hernández Brito attended the international conference “Chile riding the blue energy wave”, contributing to the first discussion panel entitled “The impact of blue economy on productive processes”.

The panel of experts was composed of representatives from the Blue Economy CRC (Cooperative Research Centre) from Australia, Austral University of Chile (UACh) and the Spanish SME Enerocean S.L., and moderated by Andrea Copping, from US Department of Energy.

This international conference was organized by ENERGIA MARINA SpA & MERIC (Marine Energy Research and Innovation Center) and its objective was to seek knowledge exchange and global collaboration opportunities in the worldwide marine energy discussion as well as to promote renewable marine energy technologies. Over two days, the conference addressed specific aspects in technological advances, business opportunities and job creation, as well as the role of remote areas in the energy transition using marine renewable energy.

Firstly, the current situation of marine energies in Australia, Chile and Spain was presented, highlighting the lack of a regulatory framework and environmental data as the main barriers for the development of marine technologies. Furthermore, synergies between marine energies and aquaculture were presented, developing the multiuse platform (MUP) and multiuse of space (MUS) concepts.

In the space for debate, the main challenges for bringing marine energy to market were discussed, highlighting the lack of a regulatory framework and technical challenges as the main barriers to tackle. The experts agreed on the importance of validation and proven testing of the technologies as key to gain the investors confidence, as well as the establishment of a long-term roadmap for investment on these technologies.

PLOCAN CEO, highlighted the importance of marine test sites to promote the development of marine technologies emphasizing the need of a clear and concise regulatory framework both for marine test sites and open waters.

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