PLOCAN at the Conference on Unmanned Systems for the Naval and Offshore Sector in Cádiz

The Naval Maritime Cluster of Cádiz and the Center for Advanced Aerospace Technologies, with the collaboration of the Diputación de Cádiz (provincial government) and the companies Navantia, Ghenova, Surcontrol, Abance, Ferri and PiroDrone, have organised a technical conference on technologies and applications of Unmanned Systems in the Naval and Offshore Sector. PLOCAN has contributed as a speaker with a representative group of leading national entities and companies in the sector (VES, AERTEC, INDRA, IQUA Robotics, SYNERSIGHT and AGV), in addition to Navantia and CATEC.

During its presentation, PLOCAN has developed a review of the state of the art of the main technologies and applications of unmanned marine vehicles, both underwater and surface. Moreover PLOCAN has shown the activities and capabilities that the infrastructure currently undertakes through services and collaborations within the framework of technology-based agreements and projects.

The conference, which was structured in three differentiated sessions (Air, Marine and Shipyard Systems 4.0), took place at the facilities of the Navantia Training Centre, in San Fernando (Cádiz), with face-to-face and remote participation by speakers and attendees. It offered the opportunity to be followed via streaming.

The event is included in the Industry 4.0 Program programmed by the Naval Maritime Cluster of Cádiz for the current year 2021.

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