PLOCAN at Oceanology International 2024

ICTS-PLOCAN has actively joined the XXVI edition of Oceanology International (Oi24) held in London as a biannual world reference forum on ocean-observing technologies, a clearly emerging sector in the marine-maritime context and the Blue Economy strategy.

As an international leading forum, Oi24 has had a large exhibition of more than 500 stands that for three consecutive days have enabled companies and institutions to exhibit to more than 6,000 attendees their main and most innovative products and technological developments, related to sensors, autonomous marine observation platforms and all their accessories, as well as services associated with the operation and use of this type of marine technologies, among others.

PLOCAN’s involvement and contribution to Oi24 has included the dissemination of some of the main international projects and technological initiatives that the ICTS currently undertakes in this context, while promoting the 14th edition of the international school of marine gliders (Glider School). Likewise, PLOCAN has contributed with an oral presentation to the workshop organized by Forum Oceano and BlueTech Cluster Alliance on marine-maritime clusters as innovation accelerator hubs for the Blue Economy, in which PLOCAN showed its contribution to the Blue Economy strategy of the Canary Islands through the initiative promoted by the Canary Islands Maritime Cluster (CMC).

Oi24 has also had in its program a wide and diverse agenda of technical conferences and associated events related to sectors and topics such as marine technologies aimed for ocean-observing, exploitation of renewable energy resources, ocean governance, marine robotics, data management, hydrography, artificial intelligence, geophysics and geotechnics, among others, highlighting the EOOS Forum and Catch The Next Wave.

The wide program of activities has enabled to interact directly with a large number of international suppliers and partners, thus strengthening cooperative links to identify new synergies aiming to undertake future projects and services, as well as directly learning on the latest technological developments in the sector since last edition in 2022.

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