PLOCAN increases its fleet of autonomous marine vehicles

The PLOCAN consortium has procured a new unmanned autonomous vehicle (underwater glider) for ocean observing purposes, SeaExplorer model through the supply contract L-CSU-PA-2-2021 carried out by Grafinta S.A as the successful bidder.

The SeaExplorer is a glider capable to profile the water column up to a maximum depth of 1,000 meters. Its high modular capacity allows the integration of a wide range of sensors for real-time measurement of physical and biogeochemical ocean variables in mission lasting up to several weeks. Its rechargeable battery system allows to considerably increase its continuous presence in the ocean in a more efficient and sustainable way compared to other observing technologies.

Together with the rest of units and technologies that make up the current fleet of autonomous marine vehicles at the VIMAS facility (Underwater Instrument and Machine Vehicles), the SeaExplorer glider is intended to qualitatively and quantitatively increase the ability to observe oceanographic variables in a more efficient and sustainable way in support to the different programs and services that the PLOCAN infrastructure undertakes.

The collection of new equipment such as this glider is part of the continuous improvement of capabilities and resources that PLOCAN has in its current Strategic Plan, in order to cover all the technical and operational needs as service-provider infrastructure.

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