Opportunities and capabilities of the ICTS-PLOCAN’s VIMAS facility presented at the CIDIHUB technology webinar.

Within the framework of the CIDIHUB initiative (Center for Digital Innovation of the Canary Islands), and under the coordination of the Canary Islands Technological Institute (ITC), PLOCAN has given a webinar on the “Opportunities, capabilities and services associated with the VIMAS installation (Vehicles, Submarine Instruments and Machines)” which has had extensive assistance, mostly professionals from the industrial field, representing large number of Blue Economy leading sectors.

The webinar session, framed in the series of presentations “Dialogues with Technology” has enabled to show the potential and scope in diversity of applications of the VIMAS facility currently managed by ICTS-PLOCAN, while identifying potential synergistic and collaborative frameworks between institutions in the context of the digital ocean through the use of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies such as VIMAS unmanned systems.

CIDIHUB is a consortium of organizations and competence-centers specialized in business-digitalization that provides key infrastructure and resources for the digital transformation of industry and public entities. It operates mainly in the Canary Islands region, although it also collaborates and works with entities from other regions and countries inside and outside Europe.

The webinar is available at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKv6X5d_468

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