MARUM, UPC and PLOCAN test OpenDAM within the framework of the oceanographic mission ADELANTE

The Center for Marine Environmental Sciences of Germany MARUM and PLOCAN launched a WaveGlider – SV3 in the waters of the observatory of  the ESTOC European Station for Time series in the Ocean of the Canary Islands, located 70 miles North of Gran Canaria, in order to validate the new OpenDAM ocean data acquisition and processing system. The Universidad Politécnica of Cataluña (UPC) has participated in its development.

The operation is developed within the framework of collaboration between MARUM and PLOCAN for technological development in ocean observing systems. OpenDAM is based on open source and responds to a next generation interface module between the observation platform (WaveGlider) and a scientific data base (PANGEA) responsible for the management of information required by the end user, which function and novelty refers to the concept of standardization, making reference to communication protocols and data format.

The activity is developed within the framework of the ADELANTE mission led by MARUM, in which OpenDAM will try to validate the functionalities and capabilities of the concept “versatile and standard interface” between commercial solutions for ocean data acquisition systems and the end user needs of this data available through scientific databases and portals, which are managed at local, national and international levels.

The WaveGlider will sail during two weeks between PLOCAN’s Test Site and the ESTOC observatory, collecting data of acoustic, biogeochemical and atmospheric variables. ESTOC represents the open-ocean node of PLOCAN´s observatory, member of  The European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and water column Observatory EMSO-ERIC.

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