The educational boat iFADO II Buche Salado approaches the Atlantic ridge after sailing 2.300 km from La Palma

The educational sailing boat of the Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands (PLOCAN) iFADO II “Buche Salado” prepared by students of the IES Eusebio Barreto de Los Llanos de Aridane, is already more than 2300 kilometers from its port of departure, Tazacorte on the island of La Palma, after a month of sailing.

With an average speed of 1.6 knots, the small boat continues its voyage pushed by the winds and currents of the North Atlantic Gyre, leaving behind the zone of influence of the Canary Current, which is taken over by the North Equatorial Current, which should allow it to reach the Altlantic Ridge (about 1000 kilometers from its current position) and then, if it continues on its current westerly course, to reach some of the islands of the volcanic arc of the Lesser Antilles (Martinique, Barbados, etc.), located at a distance of 2700 kilometers from its current position. ) currently located about 2700 kilometers from the bow of the iFADO II-Buche Salado.

Students of the IES Eusebio Barreto of Los Llanos de Aridane collaborated in the preparation of the boat in the framework of the Educational Passages training program, which brings marine sciences closer to secondary school classrooms in collaboration with the European iFADO project, and are currently carrying out monitoring and interaction activities with other institutes at an international level, also involved in the program.

The iFADO-II “Buche Salado” is equipped with GPS and a temperature sensor powered by a small solar panel installed on the surface of the boat.

The scientific outreach program Networking Fridays, promoted by the Air Centre institution, is holding today a specific session dedicated to the international initiative Educational Passages, in which PLOCAN will present its experiences, including the current voyage of iFADO II -Buche Salado.


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