Conference on Research and Innovation for a Sustainable Atlantic Ocean in Azores

PLOCAN is going to participate in the All-Atlantic2021 – All-Atlantic Research & Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean: Ministerial High-Level & Stakeholders Conference, aiming to strengthen Research & Innovation cooperation across and along the Atlantic Ocean, from the North Pole (Arctic) to the South Pole (Antarctica).

The event will be held in Ponta Delgada (Azores, Portugal) from June 2 to 4, 2021 under the motto of “Connecting, Acting, Cooperating”, and will take place under the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union, in close cooperation with the European Commission. It will be a hybrid type conference, which means that some participants can attend it in-person, although it can also be followed on telematic mode.

The event, which brings together Ministries, high-level representatives and ocean leaders, including researchers, youth, entrepreneurs, academics, and civil society, will be a step forward in the work developed by the “All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance”. This Alliance started with the support of the AORAC-SA – “Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance Coordination and Support Action” and the AANChOR CSA – “All Atlantic Cooperation for Ocean Research and Innovation” projects where PLOCAN is a partner, and it has been implemented in collaboration with other projects related to the Atlantic funded by the European Commission.

The CEO of PLOCAN is going to participate on June 4th in the session “Development of new technologies, impactful solutions and disruptive innovation”, and specifically in the section “R&I solutions for a sustainable blue economy” where he will also participate in the programmed discussion. Moreover, several PLOCAN managers involved in the projects related to the side events will also attend the conference.

The conference represents an opportunity to discuss the progress of the current All-Atlantic marine research and innovation cooperation and launch an “All-Atlantic Pledging Platform”, as a new approach to the existing cooperation and to deliver solutions to accelerate the twin green and digital transitions, building a greener, fairer, and a more resilient society.

Discussions on the new methodologies for ocean observation and ecosystems-based management linked to digitalization processes represent an important innovative step towards the integration of the Ocean-Space-Climate-Food nexus, contributing to Ocean Sustainability.

The conference includes a main programme for the three days of conference, although several self-organized side events will take place on June 2nd and June 3rd under the common umbrella of “Blue Corridor”, addressing all the six priority thematic Areas of the Galway Statement for the North Atlantic and the Belém Statement for the South Atlantic.

PLOCAN co-organizes the side event “Marine robotic infrastructures network: lessons learned and future developments“, which will take place on June 2nd, and whose objective is to present the lessons learned and to build on the success of the EU Marine Robots H2020 project to discuss the future of networked marine robotic infrastructures, with a view to all-Atlantic exploration, observation, sustainable exploitation, and new science and services enabled by innovative technology.

Registration is free to attend the main programme and to the side events, although these last events will require to register separately by event on an individual basis. It should be noted that the agendas have been scheduled at times appropriated to encourage participation of stakeholders from countries located at both sides of the Atlantic.

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