ALERION TECHNOLOGIES tests its new system for wind turbine inspection at PLOCAN

PLOCAN’s Test Site has been chosen by ALERION TECHNOLOGIES S.L. to undertake the tests of inspection and maintenance of offshore wind turbines in a real operational scenario.

The tests will be developed within the framework of the European project WEGOOI of the Horizon 2020 programme, with the aim of drastically reducing the costs of inspection and maintenance of the wind turbine infrastructure, increasing the effectiveness of the damage assessment and eliminating health risks; thanks to the use of the latest generation of the Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS).

The current prototype version of WEGOOI is in a system model or subsystem or prototype demonstration in a relevant environment, TRL6, which is capable of inspecting the wind turbine while analyzing images on a computer by an operator.

The main objective of WEGOOI is to adapt the existing platform to inspect three blades in the same flight and to analyze images in real time, as well as industrialize and commercialize the solution.

The activity developed on this occasion at PLOCAN’s Test Site has been articulated through a request for access to the infrastructure by ALERION, and which has entailed, among others, the processing of specific operating permits, coordination of services with third parties, setting up RPAS and other scientific-technical equipment, etc; in order to obtain the satisfactory results expected in the offshore maneuvers on the ELICAN marine wind turbine.

PLOCAN appreciates the collaboration of ESTEYCO, Siemens Gamesa and the delegation in the Canary Islands of the Public Entity ENAIRE, and especially ALERION TECHNOLOGIES S.L. for placing their trust in the Consortium for the achievement of the objectives of the WEGOOI project.

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