ACIISI and PLOCAN seek synergies between offshore aquaculture and marine renewable energies

The ACIISI and the Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands have led an online workshop on “Synergies of offshore aquaculture and marine energy exploitation” with the participation of actors of marine renewable energies, of aquaculture, of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and of the Canary Islands Maritime Cluster.

The workshop is part of the European projects MUSICA, based on the concept of multiple use of space, in which marine renewable energies (wind, solar, and wave) are combined providing services to offshore aquaculture, in addition to energy storage and water desalination systems; and FORWARD, which promotes excellence in research in outermost regions such as the Canary Islands. These projects are funded with H2020 funds.

The call for this workshop corresponds to the growing interest in combining different economic activities in the same marine space, which also means working on the development of a clear and concise regulatory framework that regulates these complementary projects, taking into account that it is necessary to demonstrate their technical and economic feasibility.

The workshop also aims to create potential collaborations between offshore aquaculture companies with marine renewable energies, which will give rise to technological developments and projects capable of attracting European funding.

In addition, this workshop is intended to lay the foundations to develop a regulatory framework for R&D&I in the marine environment, necessary for the commitment to innovation and development in Europe and the world, in order to promote the creation of employment and the diversification of an economy based on knowledge and technologies.

During the meeting, the concept of multiple use of space was developed through the MUSICA project, and it was also possible to know the current state of marine renewable energies and the different advances in the integration of marine crops. Focusing on the Canary Islands, it is intended to offer a vision of the current state of maritime planning, as well as of the different aquaculture management plans.

Nowadays PLOCAN’s Test Site offers a unique opportunity to test emerging technologies in a unique environment and under real conditions.

The Canary Islands have one of the best wind resources in Europe and it is reflected in the growing interest in developing offshore wind farm projects. More than eight offshore wind farms have officially requested authorization from the Ministry of Ecological Transition to settle in the coast, reinforcing the political commitment and social demand in the Canary Islands for the fight against climate change and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Renewable energies should be an economic pillar of the islands due to their weather conditions and the presence of universities and research and development centres with an international presence.

If the development of wind farm projects is achieved, thousands of direct and indirect jobs would be generated in the Canary Islands, creating new specialized companies and reinforcing the value chain of the islands. In addition, quality and highly qualified jobs would be generated, which will be durable over time, due to the useful life of these wind farms which is over 20 years.

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