ULPGC-PLOCAN glider mission to the Station for Time-Series in the Ocean of the Canary Islands

The Integrated Marine Technology Service (SITMA) of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the Area of Autonomous Marine Vehicles of the Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands Oceanic Platform have put into operation a Slocum G2 glider in order to develop a mission in the waters of the north of Gran Canaria for scientific-technical purposes.

During three weeks, the glider will make a round trip navigation to the European Station for Time-Series in the Ocean (ESTOC) in the Canary Islands and Deep Node of PLOCAN’s Integrated Observatory, located one hundred kilometers north of Gran Canaria, undertaking dives every three hours at a depth of 1000 meters to collect continuous data on essential parameters of seawater such as temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pigments, turbidity and underwater noise, facilitated by a set of sensors included in the glider, which belongs to the SITMA fleet.

The objective of this mission developed by SITMA and PLOCAN is to lay the foundations for a future and fruitful institutional collaboration within the framework of ocean observation in the Canary Islands, promoting the efficient and sustainable use of the most cutting-edge technologies.

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