U.S. Commercial Service organises a webinar on opportunities for the Blue Economy in the Canary Islands

The U.S. Commercial Service in collaboration with the Marine Technology Society (MTS) has organized a webinar on the opportunities of the Blue Economy in the Canary Islands in which the Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands (PLOCAN), the Foreign Promotion society of the Canary Islands (PROEXCA) and the Maritime Cluster of the Canary Islands will participate, together with leading companies from the Canary Islands and North America in the ocean technologies sector.

The Marine Technology Society promotes awareness, understanding, and the advancement and application of marine technology, with a mission to facilitate a broader understanding of the relevance of marine technology to wider global issues.

The Canary Islands are uniquely situated as a growing hub for new developments in the Marine and Blue Economy. With refundable incentives for research and development, alongside an incredible regional positioning, the Canary Islands present a massive opportunity for U.S. marine, environmental and energy technologies and services companies operating in the Blue Economy.

This webinar takes place after the recent approval of the Blue Economy Strategy 2021-2030 of the Canary Islands by the Government Council of the Canary Islands, whose implementation will be led by the Ministry of Economy, Knowledge and Employment. Its objective is to make the most of the potential of activities related to the marine and maritime sectors, in order to achieve sustainable growth from the opportunities of the ocean and the coast.

The Strategy of the Canary Islands is based on the promotion of a more sustainable economic and social development, with a clear focus on environmental sustainability but also on the competitiveness of the productive fabric, with special attention to the potential positive effects that the transition to the Blue Economy may have on the job market.

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