The Minister Reyes Maroto highlights the importante of the growth of industry in the Canary Islands through the ocean during her visit to PLOCAN

The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, highlighted the importante of the growth of industry in the Canary Islands through the ocean in order to create wealth and employment during her visit to the Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands.

The Minister was accompanied by the Government Delegate in the Canary Islands, Juan Salvador León, the Secretary of State for Tourism , María Isabel Oliver, and the Regional Minister of Economy, Knowledge and Employment of the Government of the Canary Islands, Carolina Darias. Octavio Llinás, the outgoing Director of PLOCAN, and Joaquín Hernández Brito, the incoming Director, welcomed the Minister, the Mayor of Telde, Héctor Suárez Morales, the Director of the Technological Centre for Marine Sciences, José Luis Guersi, the Director of the Maritime Cluster of the Canary Islands, Elba Bueno and the Head of the Coordination and Interrelationship Area for Research, Innovation and Society of Information of ACIISI, Antonio López Gulías.

Reyes Maroto thanked the managers of PLOCAN for their work and she pointed out the importance of the ICTS in the research field that has to be more than experimental. She asked for the contribution of PLOCAN to develop initiatives for fighting against the climate change.

The Minister pointed out that “PLOCAN is contributing to the industry development of a great number of technologies that are essential to the modernization of our industry and our productive sectors. Science has its industrial transfer and exploitation, and PLOCAN demonstrates that this transfer is possible and necessary”.

Reyes Maroto offered support from the Government for the future projects of PLOCAN ‘to celebrate another decade of success“.The Director of PLOCAN, Octavio Llinás, explained the characteristics of PLOCAN and the main activities that are developed by the Consortium. He highlighted the scientific and technological research and testing related to the areas of marine sciences and technologies.

Octavio Llinás informed that between 2009 and 2019 PLOCAN has participated in 86 projects with 939 partners (52% of the public sector and 48% of the private sector) of 553 entities from 49 countries. In 2019 PLOCAN participates in 60 projects with 618 partners from 45 countries.

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