The INTERTAGUA project plans pilot tests to evaluate new technologies for the study of Macaronesian marine megafauna

The partners of the European project INTERTAGUA that promotes the social and economic potential of the waters of Macaronesia have held a follow-up meeting in which was defined the planning for the pilot tests to be carried out. The pilot tests will serve to evaluate the low cost IoT (Internet of Things) technology and LoRaWAN to study the pelagic marine megafauna in Macaronesia.

LoRaWAN enables the interconnection between smart objects without the need for complex local installations, leading to a great reduction in costs and promoting research and conservation. IoT is a concept that refers to a digital interconnection of everyday objects with the internet and, through a transmedia entertainment experience, will help promoting citizen science and awareness of marine biodiversity.

PLOCAN coordinates the European project INTERTAGUA to research, develop and test innovative computer technologies in order to promote the social and economic potential of the Macaronesian oceans and coastal areas, in which institutes from Azores, Cabo Verde, Canary Islands and Madeira participate as partners.

The INTERTAGUA (MAC2/1.1a/385) project is co-financed by the INTERREG V A Spain-Portugal Territorial Cooperation Program (MAC 2014-2020) / Cross-Border Cooperation through the priority axis “Enhancing research, technological development and innovation.”


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