Students from the Centro Sopeña test their prototypes in the pools of PLOCAN

Students from the Centro Sopeña of Las Palmas have tested their underwater robots (ROVs) at the facilities of PLOCAN within the framework of EDUROVs, a low-cost educational robotics project that PLOCAN develops with the support of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, and the Fundación “la Caixa” and CaixaBank .

The students built the ROVs at their school during the academic year and PLOCAN has facilitated the testing of the prototypes in the pools. The tests have consisted in adjusting the buoyancy and verifying the robot’s operation.

The first tests were carried out a few days ago by a small representation of students in the underwater vehicle calibration tank and at this time a greater number of students have participated, carrying out the activity in a safe and controlled environment.

The students also visited the glider laboratory where they learned about their operation and the practical applications of these vehicles in marine research.

The Centro Sopeña of Las Palmas is a private secondary education and professional training centre whose mission is to promote the personal and comprehensive growth of young people and adults from sectors that have had fewer opportunities.

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