The floating wind prototype PivotBuoy is ready to be installed in PLOCAN’s test site

The new marine floating wind turbine prototype, which was designed with the patented technology PivotBuoy®, is prepared to be moored on PLOCAN’s waters at the test site in Gran Canaria.

The developer X1 Wind has completed another milestone in the PivotBuoy project because of the installation of the dynamic cable. This is another step further, after installing the modular concrete gravity anchoring system last spring.

It consists of a 1.4 km electrical cable which will connect the prototype with the smart-grid of PLOCAN’s marine platform, for using the energy generated by this new type of wind turbine.

All the systems have been tested at the Port of Las Palmas so, after the strong seasons of the trade winds, typical in summer in these islands, it will be more probable to have the appropriate weather window for the towing of the prototype.

It is a key point of this test to check the behaviour of the dynamic cable with the innovative TLP mooring system which reduces the movement of the cable, increasing its lifetime in comparison with the catenary systems.


PivotBuoy, “an advanced system for cost-effective and reliable mooring, connection, installation and operation of floating wind”, is an European Project financed by the European Commission with 3,960,065.25 € within the framework of the program “Horizon 2020”.

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