PLOCAN participates in the Climate and Sustainable Energy Fair of Gran Canaria

PLOCAN participated in the Climate and Sustainable Energy Fair of Gran Canaria celebrated in San Fernando de Maspalomas, which was organised by the Government of Gran Canaria under the framework of the European initiative “Pacto de los Alcaldes”. More than 500 students of 23 educational centres from 10 towns that are participating in the initiative attended to the event.

The Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands participated in the fair with the ‘All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassadors’ programme which is developed under the framework of the Galway and Belém Statements to promote All-Atlantic research and innovation cooperation. The initiative is supported by the Horizon 2020 funded AORAC-SA and AANChOR projects. The programme includes an engaged group of 23 youth leaders who can act as Ambassadors in their own countries along and across the Atlantic Ocean. Their objective is to develop campaigns and reach out the local communities, students and civil society, engage decision makers as well as work with local media to conserve and protect the Atlantic Ocean for future generations. Moreover, projects such as ELICAN (Self-Installing Telescopic Substructure for Low-Cost Craneless Installation of Complete Offshore Wind Turbines) or  Marinerg-I (Marine renewable energy research infrastructure) were also presented.

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