PLOCAN in the 9th EuroGOOS International Conference of the Global Ocean Observing System

PLOCAN participates in the 9th EuroGOOS International Conference of the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) on the topic of ‘Advances in Operational Oceanography: Expanding Europe’s Ocean Observing and Forecasting Capacity’.

EuroGOOS is an association of national governmental agencies, research organizations, and private companies, committed to oceanography within the context of the intergovernmental Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS). EuroGOOS is one of the UNESCO-IOC Global Ocean Observing System regions and is currently Chair of the GOOS Regional Alliances Forum. Founded in 1994, EuroGOOS has today 47 members from 18 European countries providing operational oceanographic services and carrying out marine research.

Every three years, the EuroGOOS conference provides a forum of interaction between marine scientists and technologists developing operational oceanography products, and the users of these services, including decision and policy-makers as well as the private sector. The 9th edition is celebrated online from 3rd to 5th May 2021.

PLOCAN participates in the Ocean Observing Technologies session with the presentation of the JERICO S3 project, which objective is to provide a state-of-the-art, fit-for-purpose and visionary observational Research Infrastructure (RI), expertise and high-quality data on European coastal and shelf seas, supporting world-class research, high-impact innovation and a window of European excellence worldwide.

Furthermore, PLOCAN presents in this session the Autonomous Surface Vehicles Network Initiative in support to EOOS (European Ocean Observing System), which is a coordinating framework designed to align and integrate Europe’s ocean observing capacity, promote a systematic and collaborative approach to collecting information on the state and variability of our seas, and underpin sustainable management of the marine environment and its resources. EOOS, which is promoted by EuroGOOS, includes the EuroSea project which objective is to consolidate a more integrated interdisciplinary ocean observing system able to deliver essential information for the wellbeing, blue growth and sustainable management of the ocean, based on the implementation and coordination of the different observing networks, and in which PLOCAN participates as a partner through the USV network.

Moreover, PLOCAN also participates with the AARC: Atlantic Autonomous Robotics Consortium initiative, which tries to value the potential of the strategic location of the Macaronesian region in the North Atlantic basin, as well as the current technical and operational capacities through the existing centres of excellence in marine robotics, with the aim of promoting and generating scientific-technical and economic activity in the context of the Blue Economy from the Triple Helix approach, which implies direct involvement and cooperation between the academic, industry and legal / political component.

The key priorities of the 2021 EuroGOOS conference will be to discuss the new approach of the EuroGOOS strategy expanding to Climate and Ocean Health; to evaluate the ongoing efforts to integrate ocean observing and data initiatives at a global level, meeting societal, policy, and economic needs; to highlight the benefits of cross-cutting approaches in the EuroGOOS strategy; to evaluate the role of marine research infrastructures in the oceanographic system to answer the new EuroGOOS and GOOS strategies; and to explore new technologies in coastal oceanography.

The event offers the opportunity to review the present ocean monitoring and forecasting capacities including relevant services, and to identify new science and technology priorities. The conference facilitates dialogue, experience sharing, and future planning with international partners and stakeholders, towards a more coordinated response to global challenges and societal needs related to seas and the global ocean.

EuroGOOS goals are to identify strategies, cooperate, co-produce, and promote the operational oceanography value for society. EuroGOOS is achieving this through a broad network of organizations and initiatives operating at various levels. Collectively through EuroGOOS, its members and partners improve the overall European capacity and competitiveness in ocean observing sectors.

More information about the event here.

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