PLOCAN participates in the General Assembly of GROOM II for the creation of a European Infrastructure for autonomous marine vehicles

The Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands (PLOCAN) has participated in the general assembly of the European consortium GROOM II “Gliders for Research, Ocean Observations and Management: Infrastructure and Innovation” for the creation of a European Infrastructure for autonomous marine vehicles.

GROOM II is a European project of the H2020 call with a duration of 36 months, with the participation of fourteen partners from twelve European countries, and its main objective is to coordinate and improve the joint activities of autonomous marine observation vehicles (gliders) in Europe by designing a technical and legal framework for the GROOM Research Infrastructure (GROOM RI).

The general assembly has been held in a hybrid format, in person at the Paris School of Mines, and by teleconference, and has discussed the progress made during the first 18 months of this European project and the pending tasks for the following months.

PLOCAN actively participates in almost all the tasks envisaged in the project in the search for a common technical and legal framework for the future European research infrastructure, leading two main tasks: the search for the most beneficial services for society within the framework of the European marine directives and continuous training of its members, as well as members of other observation infrastructures, through the design of training courses and other training activities that facilitate access to new technological and operational developments in the field of autonomous marine vehicles.

The European project GROOM II has a funding of 3 million euros. The agenda of the event is exposed at and the results obtained will soon be included on this same website of the project.



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