PLOCAN announces the XIII Glider School edition

The Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands -PLOCAN- announces the 13th Glider School edition, a leading hands-on training forum on ocean-glider technologies, scheduled for October 23rd to 27th 2023 in Telde, Gran Canaria (Spain). The period for submitting applications to attend will remain open until June 30th . More details at

Didactical contents will cover both hardware and software issues through theoretical and practical dedicated sessions in class, lab and open waters using real ocean-glider units by different technologies (AutoNaut, Sailbuoy, Slocum, Seaglider and Seaexplorer), and focusing on particular their features, capabilities and applications.

This highly-specialized training week offers a great opportunity for a wide range of students and professionals from all over the world linked to scientific-technical disciplines from the perspective of ocean engineering, services and research, among others, to learn about the management and operation of the main commercial ocean-glider technologies. After the 2022 edition, the Glider School has already trained a total of 175 students from 32 countries, representing the 5 continents.

The Glider School is directly supported by the world’s leading ocean-glider manufacturers as well as ocean sensors and other modules that integrates these cutting-edge autonomous unmanned ocean-observing platforms, as well as expert operators from the academic field and sectors linked to the Economy Blue.

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