CEO of PLOCAN at the conference ‘The Science We Need for the Ocean We Want’

The CEO of PLOCAN, José Joaquín Hernández Brito, has presented the facilities, services, projects and initiatives of the Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands during the conference ‘The Science we need for the Ocean we want’ in the academic session organized by the Royal Academy of Sciences of the Canary Islands and celebrated in the Lecture Hall of the Sections of Mathematics and Physics of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of La Laguna.

During the session, the director of PLOCAN highlighted the role of the Unique Scientific and Technical Infrastructure (ICTS) in promoting excellence in marine science and technology with the aim of developing and validating new models to mitigate climate change, based on the energy transition and the conservation of the quality of the marine environment.

In addition, Hernández Brito referred to PLOCAN as an accelerator of science and technology for the Decade of the Oceans, highlighting the contribution of the ICTS to the fulfillment of its objectives, addressing the challenges and opportunities for restoring the health of the oceans by developing a new relationship with the environment that is based on effective protection and sustainable use, in line with the UN 2030 sustainable development goals.

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