MARES: Macaronesia Research Strategy

The MaReS project aims to organise a common tool for the Macaronesian archipelagos, for analysis, coordination and identification of opportunities, which will enable them to take on the challenges of sustainability through a competitive research and development strategy in the European Atlantic island regions. It arises from the evidence that the size of the R&D&I systems in these archipelagos does not allow them to compete effectively on their own in the European Research Area, nor in the international scientific context.

The methodology is intended to start from a first case, based on autonomous initiatives with a sufficient level of prior consolidation in each region, which will allow testing a new model of overcoming the dimension, derived from adding/coordinating previous efforts and thus being able to project a Macaronesian structure of sufficient, coherent and attractive dimension in the European and international space. The methodology will be extended on an ongoing basis, according to the possibilities and resources available, to all areas and topics which, due to their characteristics, allow it, including marine sciences, energy, climate change and environmental sciences.

MARES: Macaronesia Research Strategy

Program and Call for proposals

I Convocatoria del Programa MAC 2007-2013

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549.724,8 €

Cost for PLOCAN

330.000,00 €

Total funded

467.266,08 €

Financed for PLOCAN

208.500,00 €




PLOCAN (ES) - Madeira Tecnopolo (PT) - Fundo Regional da Ciência e Tecnologia (PT)

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