H2 GREEN: Renewable Energy and Hydrogen

This project proposes various strategic actions to be carried out in coordination between the Autonomous Regions that form part of the proposal and the CSIC to establish, incorporate and consolidate green hydrogen as a solution for the electrification of the national energy system, as well as the decarbonisation of transport and industry. The proposed actions aim to cover the entire hydrogen value chain thanks to developments with different degrees of maturity, ranging from pilot or demonstration scale solutions to basic developments that will allow in the near future the replacement of foreign technology with national technology in the energy network of the country.

In the Canary Islands, the two lines of action to be developed are:

  • Action Line 2: Generation of green hydrogen at low temperature from off-shore wind energy, whose general objective is to study the feasibility, reduce the risk, economic cost and time for the development of green hydrogen generation technologies from ocean renewable energies, contributing to the objectives of the national hydrogen plan (installed production capacity of electrolysers of 4GW) and to the roadmap for marine renewable energies.
  • Action Line 9: Uses of hydrogen in the industrial and domestic sector using Fuel Cells, which foresees the design and start-up of a pilot plant at both industrial and domestic scale including a monitoring and control system, the integration of commercial systems for use in different industrial environments and the development of low power high temperature fuel cell systems for residential applications.

Program and Call for proposals

Subvención directa y abono anticipado en materia de I+D+ita

Start date


End date


Duration in months



6.000.000,00 €

Cost for PLOCAN

6.000.000,00 €

Total funded

6.000.000,00 €

Financed for PLOCAN

6.000.000,00 €





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