AFIE: Functional adaptation of the electrical infrastructure of PLOCAN

In order for the PLOCAN Consortium to be able to continue developing the activities envisaged in its constitution, and to be able to continue providing services to the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands and to society as a whole, it is necessary for the entity to have the resources to undertake the following new investments in the entity’s own infrastructures:

  • SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF A THIRD UNDERWATER ELECTRICAL AND COMMUNICATIONS CABLE FOR IECOM ENLARGEMENT: The installation of a third cable is required to cover the demand of users of the PLOCAN test bed with offshore power generation prototypes in order to complete the technical capacity of the 15 megawatts authorised to PLOCAN. The Canary Islands face enormous opportunities in the field of offshore energy. PLOCAN has around 50 European projects and dozens of users in both the public and private sectors, who hope to gain access to our sea in order to test their new offshore technologies, producing energy and transferring it through the necessary electrical infrastructures.
  • ADAPTATION OF ELECTRICAL INFRASTRUCTURES: Due to the obsolescence of the facilities where PLOCAN’s onshore headquarters are located, it is necessary to execute and manage the project for the reform of the electricity, fire protection and air conditioning installations of PLOCAN’s onshore headquarters, in order to allow access to both public and private users, enabling the development of their R+D+i projects.

Program and Call for proposals

Subvención directa por razones de interés público, social y económico

Start date


End date


Duration in months



2.423.921,78 €

Cost for PLOCAN

2.423.921,78 €

Total funded

2.423.921,78 €

Financed for PLOCAN

2.423.921,78 €





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