PLOCAN leads the H2Heat project on hydrogen production and use of hydrogen for heating from marine renewable energies

The H2Heat consortium, led and coordinated by Dr. Gordon Dalton of the Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands (PLOCAN), has been awarded the Horizon Europe HORIZON-CL5-2022-D3-02-03 call entitled “Innovative production of renewable energy vectors for heating from renewable energy (H2Heat).

With a budget of 13 million euros, of which 10 million are provided by the European Union, and a duration of 5 years, H2HEAT, in collaboration with the Canary Health Service (SCS), aims to create a complete demonstration of green H2 for heating and, subsequently, energy. This will serve as a replicable model to be extended to all SCS hospitals, enabling the SCS to meet its “Zer0 Net Emissions Health Strategy”, achieving a deep decarbonisation.

The overall objective of the H2Heat project, which starts its activity next September, is to demonstrate the complete value chain of green heating with hydrogen (H2) for heating commercial buildings.

H2HEAT will use offshore wind renewable energy to produce H2 from Esteyco’s EU-funded 5 MW ELICAN project.

The comprehensive and complementary combination of experience and expertise provided by the consortium partners will ensure an efficient realisation of the technical objectives of the project, reduce the cost of H2 fuel2 for consumers and develop replicable business models for the large-scale commercial use of H22 as a direct heating alternative in Gran Canaria.

H2Heat will contribute to making Gran Canaria part of the H2 valley economy through the local production of H2 from renewable energy.

The H2Heat project partners are: PLOCAN; Esteyco Spain Fixed and floating Wind turbine company; Neodyne Ireland Electrical engineering, Energy Management Control; Stargate Estonia Electrolyser, compressor, storage; 2G Spain Hydrogen Combined Heat and Power (CHP); ICoRSA Ireland Communications, Public engagement; CMS Spain Public participation; EMEC UK Orkney distribution network, business models, technoeconomics; SCS/CHUIMI Spain Canary Islands Health Service; Canary Islands Research, Innovation and Information Society Agency of the Canary Islands Government (ACIISI); SPLP Ukraine H2 electrolyser research.

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