E5DES Project Webinar

E5DES, acronym for “Research and innovation towards excellence in technological efficiency, use of renewable energy, emerging technologies and circular economy in desalination”, is a project for territorial cooperation between archipelagos of Macaronesia and West African countries. This project, of which PLOCAN is a partner, has been developed from the DESAL + Living Lab platform.

In addition to the search for projects and solutions of high technological efficiency in desalination, the E5DES initiative supports the R&D of research centres, technology-based entrepreneurs and SMEs in these regions in matters of desalination and the water-energy nexus.

Aiming to promote E5DES, the AIR Centre – Atlantic International Research Centre and AREAM – Agencia Regional da Energia e Ambiente da Regiao Autonoma da Madeira organise the webinar “Potential of desalination units in regions with water scarcity” addressing the issue of desalination in various areas of Madeira and the Algarve, and Maio Island in Cape Verde. The online appointment will take place next Wednesday, April 28th at 10:00 a.m. (GTM), it is free of charge and it requires registration at the following link.

During the session, the E5DES Project will be presented along with its main developments and results to date. Considering the nature of the webinar, the participation of the public is allowed, promoting the project to regional and local entities in charge of the production and distribution of water and wastewater treatment.

Next, there will be a presentation on the Desalination Plant in Porto Santo, followed by a presentation on the desalination needs and current efforts in the Algarve region and finally a presentation on DESSOL: Demonstration system of desalination with solar energy in Ribeira Dom. João Station – DESAL + Project.

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